Austin,TX, we have conquered staying WEIRD, but its my job to keep Austin Oinking!

In a world filled with so much crime, hatred, and confusion, my Swanky Swines have the prescription for All to have the Ultimate Piggy Experience. Joy, Love, Peace, and Countless Requests from kids to parents for a mini pig are just some of the immediate effects received from all who dare to meet Anaya and Allaya, Austin’s Swanky Swines.

Behind The Name

As a Full Time Pharmacist, I advise holding these hooves at your own risk!! Side effects include, and are not limited to :

  • Overworked facial muscles from non stop smiling
  • Long deep breaths of Awe
  • High pitched sounds from vocal chords
  • PERFECT behavior of all children for next 2 hours maximum
  • Occasional Tears of Departure, and more commonly
  • Tears of Joy
  • Amnesia of all current worries
  • Comfort beyond the imagination and

The Ultimate Piggy Experience that will never be forgotten

In my line of work, I witness ALL types of health conditions with that of Depression being one of the more common. As someone who has suffered with seasons of Depression, I confidentially can convey to you that God has never forgotten about me (Anaya – means God Answered), and He is ready, willing, and able to remove any pain or worries from my life and replace it with Healing (Allaya, Allay – means to take the pain away). In November 2018, I held the little hooves of my 1st little piggy, Anaya, for the first time and I am the Better for doing so and have not been the same ever since!! 

The warm, compassionate, selfless love my piggies provide to me on a daily basis has me addicted to sharing it all with YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What in the world made you want to get pigs as your pets?

This is the #1 question i am asked and I simply just tell people I’m not sure…About 10 years ago, I mentioned to someone that if I ever got a pet, it would be a pig. I do have some true farm blood in me, and there are 2 things I had desired, an old school pick up truck and a pig. I now have both. I own a 1960 Ford Pick up truck and i am the proud owner of my Swanky Swines!

2. How did you pick their names?

Most of everything in my life has a purpose, even down to picking the names of my girls.While searching for “baby” names, i remembered that i always loved the name Azalea, and so i played around with altering that name, changing out some letters. Got to Anaya and looked it up to find the meaning of “God answered”. While searching for my 2nd name, i desired for it too to start with an A and i did some alterations to come up with Allaya. Allay simply means to take the pain away.Both names are a part of my Swanky Swines journey and i am forever grateful for my girls.

3. How big will your Swanky Swines get?

About 20 to 25 pounds. Their father is 25 pounds and their mother is around 20 pounds.

4. What do the girls love to eat?

CHEERIOS CHEERIOS CHEERIOSThey love most things fed to them, salad, applesauce, vegetables, fruit, etc. They do have dietary restrictions, but not many.

5. Why do they squeal when picked up?

It was shared with me that when pigs are picked up and their hooves leave a firm foundation, they immediately are fearful, as they believe they are about to be slaughtered. They feel safer on the ground and can run from what is scaring them. So when picking up the girls, we have to make sure to hold/place their feet on our hand or arms so they can rest on us. Then, as they feel firm, they will calm down. It takes practice and time for it to set in with them that they truly are safe.

6. What can i expect at my party?

Swanky Swines is an interactive, fun, jaw dropping, giggle producing, down home good time. Under supervision, one can pet them, hold them, feed them and simply just play and snuggle with them. The girls have play pens that can be used or we can set up blankets or mats in a small area for playtime as well. We lastly would not dare leave a party without capturing a photo for each party guest with Swanky Swines, to be cherished for a lifetime.

7. What type of events will Swanky Swines do?

Swanky Swines would love to come to any party that will have them. They are true conversation starters and are not easily forgotten. We mostly cater to childrens parties, but also love to share them with Adults as adults are just as amused as the youth!

8. What if my event is at an establishment?

Swanky Swines is slowly trying to work to be accepted in establishments. We have been allowed in several, but an impact is still to be made in this area. We are learning that pet friendly is not pig friendly,  but primarily because it’s not the norm or frequently seen. We desire with all our heart for establishments to become Pig/Pet Friendly and we believe we can play an important role with that desire.

9.  What is your cancellation policy?

For all events, we require a 72 hour cancellation notice prior to the event. Deposit will be non – refundable.

10. What if my party is outdoors?

Due to the fact that pigs have no sweat glands, outdoor exposure will have to be limited and/or frequent cooling breaks will need to occur for the safety of the pigs.

11.Will my items inside my home be protected if pigs remain indoors?

Absolutely. Pigs can remain in a playpen with floor protective bottom and/or placed on plenty of blankets provided by Swanky Swines.